Broad Museum Art Display Includes SEM Micrographs Taken at CAM

Adam Brown, Associate Professor, Department of Art, Art History, and Design, will display some of his work at the Eli Broad Art Museum during the period of Feb. 20  to March 29.  Adam merges the worlds of art and science in some very special ways. One of his recent projects used the JEOL 7500F scanning electron microscope at CAM in his work on gold reducing bacteria. He was able to see individual isolated particles of gold on the bacterial cells using backscattered electron imaging and energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis. The JEOL 7500F SEM, the highest resolution SEM in the State of Michigan, was ideal for this analysis. For an excellent video presentation of the techniques he uses, including video of him using the SEM, please go to:  More information may be found at:

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