Digital Microscopy (DM)

The Keyence VHX-6000 is a remarkable microscope that uses visible light. It is the latest development in the field of Digital Microscopy (DM). It makes extensive use of recent breakthroughs in sCMOS digital cameras, stage micro-motors, advanced zoom lenses, graphics engines, and software.

The microscope compliments and enhances the capabilities of other microscopy technologies at the Center for Advanced Microscopy, especially SEM (scanning electron microscopy) and CLSM (confocal laser scanning microscopy).

Key features of the VHX-6000 include:
● Large Depth-of-Field by using Focus Stacking (Z-Stacking)
● Color Images
● Magnification range of 1X to 5,000X
● Samples up to 40 mm x 40 mm can be imaged
● 3D information including profiles, roughness, and volume measurements
● Full tilt stand, up to 90 degrees
● Automated Image stitching
● No sample processing required.

Keyence_Amy_webThe Keyence VHX-6000 at the Michigan State University Center for Advanced Microscopy

Keyence_Arabiodopsis_web_CTrichomes on the leaf of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana, a plant used as a model organism for scientific experiments. The sample is from research by Li Zhang and Sheng Yang He, MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory, Michigan State University

Keyence_Button_web_CPollen on the stigma of the plant Bachelor’s Button (Cornflower), Centaurea cyanus

coinAncient Roman coin from 327 A.D. in near mint state showing the bust of the Emperor Constantine the Great. The coin measures 21 mm diameter. This image demonstrates the low magnification capabilities of the Keyence microscope. The image was created automatically by stitching images together, each using the “live depth up” feature.

Keyence_Pit_webPit on a metal surface showing depth information

Keyence_Pit1_webPit on a metal surface showing advanced profiling and depth information

Keyence_3D_webPit on a metal surface showing more advanced profiling measurements

Training in use of the Keyence VHX-6000 is done in the NSC-820 SEM class and the NSC-837 CLSM class. Please see our Courses page for more information.

For service work on the microscope related to SEM and general service work, please contact Stanley Flegler,, 517-353-8798.

For service work on the microscope related to CLSM and general service work, please contact Melinda Frame,, 517-432-2327.

See our Service and User charges page.