A Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope is Now Available at CAM.

CAM has recently taken delivery of a 3i (Intelligent Imaging Innovations) spinning disk confocal microscope. This technology is an alternative to traditional point-scanning confocal laser scanning microscopes (CLSM). Instead of scanning a single point of laser across the sample one pixel at a time, the spinning disk confocal scans approximately 1,000 points simultaneously, providing significantly faster imaging rates. In addition, the high quantum efficiency EMCCD camera used for image detection of the spinning disk image can provide a significant increase in image sensitivity and reduced photodamage within the specimen. The increased imaging speed and sensitivity and reduced photodamage offered by the spinning disk confocal can provide significant advantages for advanced live cell imaging applications and for three-dimensional imaging of thick tissues, embryos, and organoids.

The 3i spinning disk confocal microscope complements the existing CLSM capabilities at CAM. More information about the 3i microscope will be forthcoming on the CAM web page.

We thank Amy Ralston and Federica Brandizzi for writing the grant that obtained funding for this microscope.

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