User Research Highlights

This page highlights selected research accomplishments by users of the Center for Advanced Microscopy (CAM) in which access to CAM equipment made a difference.  It is a tribute to the hard work and endeavors of the hundreds of CAM users!

Charles Mackenzie, using microscopes at the Center for Advanced Microscopy, assisted in the development of  bromine containing polystyrene beads that are currently being used by millions of people in developing countries to purify drinking water.

George Abela has made major discoveries in understanding the role of cholesterol crystals in arterial plaque formation, clot formation, and the resulting heart attacks using microscopes at the Center for Advanced Microscopy.  The discoveries show major promise in preventing heart attacks.

Michael Velbel was selected by the NASA Stardust Mission to analyze comet dust gathered from the comet Wild 2 using microscopes at the  Center for Advanced Microscopy.  Following a 288 billion mile  journey by the spacecraft, analyses of the samples have altered  views of solar system formation.

Kristin Parent and the Center for Advanced Microscopy have designed a unique transmission electron microscope for cryo electron tomography, a newly developed technique that will show three dimensional nano structures of viruses in the process of infecting host cells.

Mercouri Kanatzidis made major advances in converting waste heat to electricity.  Instrumental in these advances was the use of microscopes at the Center for Advanced Microscopy to observe, understand and develop nanostructured bulk thermoelectric materials that have achieved record breaking performance.

The Center for Advanced Microscopy has the highest resolution scanning electron microscope in the State of Michigan.   It is being used in many diverse field of research at MSU (and off-campus) from nano composite materials to microbial genetics.