The Center for Advanced Microscopy offers professional services for both MSU and off-campus researchers.  See our facilities pages for more information.

Self-operation requires the completion of appropriate courses taught at the Center for Advanced Microscopy or completion of equivalent courses at another University along with refresher training specific to the equipment at the Center for Advanced Microscopy.

Fees for Services

new rates effective Dec 1, 2017

Microscope Self Operation
Operator Assisted
Self Operation
Operator Assisted
SEM: Scanning Electron Microscopy ( info )
JEOL 6610LV SEM $25/hr $60/hr $50/hr $105/hr
JEOL 7500F SEM $25/hr $60/hr $50/hr $105/hr
TEM:  Transmission Electron Microscopy 
JEOL 1400 TEM (info) $25/hr $60/hr $50/hr $105/hr
JEOL 2200FS TEM (info) $75/hr $110/hr $140/hr $200/hr
CSLM: Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (info)
3i Spinning Disk CLSM $25/hr $60/hr $50/hr $105/hr
Leica Stellaris 5 CLSM $25/hr $60/hr $50/hr $105/hr
Nikon A1Rsi CLSM $35/hr $70/hr $70/hr $125/hr
Nikon C2+ CLSM $25/hr $60/hr $50/hr $105/hr
Olympus FV1000SP CLSM $25/hr $60/hr $50/hr $105/hr
Zeiss Laser Capture $25/hr $60/hr $50/hr $105/hr
DM: Digital Microscopy  (info)
Keyence VHX-6000 $10/hr $45/hr $20/hr $75/hr
Leica CM1850 Cryostat $25/hr $60/hr $50/hr $105/hr
Sample Preparation ——- $40/hr ——- $75/hr
Ultramicrotomy $10/hr $45/hr ——- $85/hr

*Off-campus non-profit entities are charged the on-campus rate plus 25%