CAM User Thomas Pinnavaia Honored as an AAAS Fellow.

Thomas Pinnavaia, a user of CAM for many years, was recently named an AAAS Fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The award was made β€œFor distinguished contributions to the field of inorganic materials chemistry, particularly for innovative synthesis of mesophases via supramolecular assembly and the intercalation of lamellar solids.” We extend our congratulations to Tom.

Other CAM users named as AAAS Fellows in the past include Christoph Benning, Dean Della-Penna, Shelagh Ferguson-Miller, Sheng-Yang He, Ken Keegstra, R. James Kirkpatrick, Richard Lenski, Katherine Osteryoung, Danny Schnell, Thomas Sharkey, Michael Thomashow, James Tiedje, and Jonathan Walton.

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